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Meet the CCi Voice Team

When reviewing the experience of our CCi Voice staff, you may notice a few things. We only hire people with a passion for IT and telecom and those with robust knowledge in the field and a passion for providing support. We are real people, not machines. Our customers stay with us because of our personalized attention to their needs and because we are always there for them, 24/7. It’s our people that make us successful.


Our hope as a company is that you trust us with your network and telecom needs. Let us be your new carrier and you will see that we will be more reliable, responsive, and affordable than any of the alternatives. Allow us to fortify your network with security and redundancy. And when you experience our hosted phone service, made crystal clear with HD Voice sound quality, you’ll find out for yourself that we’re Not Just Talk™!

headshot of Michael LeBlanc

Michael LeBlanc

Founder and CEO

headshot of Owen Haave

Owen Haave

Vice President, Operations

headshot of Chris Lasek

Chris Lasek

Chief Technology Officer

headshot of John Doyle

John Doyle

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

headshot of Allison


Accounting Manager & Human Resources

headshot of Beth Davis

Beth Davis

Director of Operations

headshot of Morgan Pettinato

Morgan Pettinato

Sales Manager

headshot of Kathy Buckley

Kathy Buckley

Customer Service Manager

headshot of Cynthia


Business Manager

headshot of Kristen  Froliger

Kristen Froliger

Customer Service Manager

headshot of Dan Force

Dan Force

Installation Manager

headshot of Kevin O’Connor

Kevin O’Connor

Remote Support Engineer

headshot of Glenn Redlein

Glenn Redlein

Senior Field Service Engineer

headshot of Pedro Puche

Pedro Puche

Senior Network Telephony Engineer

headshot of John Licari

John Licari

Senior Network Telephony Engineer

headshot of Brian Rockwood

Brian Rockwood

Field Service Engineer

headshot of Carol Intartaglia

Carol Intartaglia

Inside Sales Manager

headshot of Travis Sullivan

Travis Sullivan

Field Service Engineer / IT Manager

headshot of Joe Griner

Joe Griner

Senior Network Telephony Engineer

headshot of Michael Addotta

Michael Addotta

Senior Field Service Engineer

headshot of David Thaw

David Thaw

Installation Lead

headshot of Vincent DelaCruz

Vincent DelaCruz

Network Telephony Engineer

headshot of Chris Benzola

Chris Benzola

Telephony Application Engineer

headshot of Matthew Bushmann

Matthew Bushmann

Installation & Training Specialist