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A Communications Platform That’s A Sound Choice

Designed to streamline your business messaging, a communications platform by CCi Voice integrates all of your telecom tools into one unified package. We connect VoIP, sales CRM, conferencing, contact centers, helpdesk software, and more via one dynamic suite to inspire exponential growth in your business.

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Your Business Stays Connected

Monitor and manage your phone system from anywhere, using custom-built applications and features. The power of communications technology unleashes your organization’s potential.

Keep The Conversation Going

Our communications suite allows you to access calls, voicemails, and user settings from any device—all you need is an Internet connection. This grants your business the benefits of mobility whether you’re using VoIP phones, desktop/laptop communications or a smartphone.

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Communicate Face-To-Face, Anywhere

Chances are the majority of your business meetings happen across networks, rather than in person. Meanwhile, it’s likely some of your team members work remotely or are constantly on the move. We make reliable, real-time communications over separate devices possible, with both voice and video capabilities.

Active Maintenance & Support

With CCi Voice Cloud Care, we proactively monitor your systems and stand at the ready 24/7 with premium support when you need it most. Every aspect of care, from system updates to call flow adjustments to training, is available via a team of IT and communications experts.

Cost Effective

With one unified communications platform your business reaps the benefits of dealing with one telecom company—this includes a simplified cost structure.

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Communications Platform Extended Benefits

  • Improves productivity and facilitates business growth
  • Protects your assets with extensive security features
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Empowers your mobile workforce
  • Opens the doors to new markets
  • Customizes your message
  • Inspires mission-critical solutions
  • Enables cost-effective collaboration