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Innovate communications with a VoIP phone system. Cloud-based communications is how businesses stay connected. And with VoIP phones, your organization’s message will be loud and clear with reliable service, customizable setup, and unmatched call quality.

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We talk a lot about hosted VoIP phone service here at CCi Voice. To borrow a sports cliché, Voice-over Internet Protocol is right in our wheelhouse—a big, fat fastball right down the middle of the strike zone. There’s no way we can lay off that pitch. 

The reason we’ll take that swing every time is simple: We believe in VoIP. It’s a form of digital communication that paves the way for more cost-effective and convenient ways to connect, whether you’re a small business, school, nonprofit, contact center or municipality. And, with all due respect to the forebears of traditional telephone systems, it’s pushing that old technology to the brink of extinction. 

Check out these statistics that demonstrate VoIP’s massive growth and the steep decline of the landline. 

  • Close to 60 percent of U.S. adults lived without a landline in their home in 2019. 
  • The VoIP services market is expected to reach $194.5 billion by 2024. 
  • The global Unified Communications market will register a compound annual growth rate of 16.8 percent between now and 2025. 
  • Software buyers are choosing VoIP over any other type of service. 
  • The global cloud-based contact center market is expected to reach $36.1 billion by 2025—up from $11.5 billion in 2020. 
  • More than 80 percent of businesses reported cost savings when they moved to a cloud-based VoIP system.
  • Close to 50 percent of government entities use cloud-based VoIP services.


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The Connection Between VoIP & The COVID Factor

It’s impossible to talk about the importance of VoIP without touching on what happened in 2020. You were likely there and experienced it with your own eyes and your own telecommunications system, so no need to delve into the traumatic details. Suffice to say that the COVID-19 pandemic thrust the U.S. workplace into a state of disarray in March of that year. Office staff scattered into mandated work-from-home setups, schools went fully online, and even happy hours were relegated to excruciating Zoom meetups. 

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Some organizations (like ours) had been operating under a hybrid work model for years, and were more than capable of communicating with a distributed workforce. But others met the “go home” mandate with the panicked expressions of those without a plan in place. If you’re one of those companies, we’re here to tell you that it’s OK. Lessons were learned; welcome to your fresh start.

The pivot to remote access led to a surge in cloud communications across all industries. For starters, Comcast reported VoIP and video conference usage increased more than 200 percent and VPN traffic was up about 40 percent. That’s only one carrier, but it demonstrates the universal nature of the work-from-home movement and the importance of a VoIP communications system. Those increases also reveal that any lagging you might experience with your VoIP system is more than likely a shortcoming of your internet provider.

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The above statistics and our blog content are meant to illustrate the importance of VoIP. Now, let’s take a look at how myriad organizations in different spheres can utilize and maximize the benefits of VoIP.


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How Does VoIP Work?

As the world has shown us, an over reliance on outdated technology leaves businesses ill-prepared to face unforeseen challenges. In order to stay in business and remain competitive, you need communications tools in place that are flexible and reliable. A transition to software-based technology that exists in the cloud, over the internet, is the answer. In other words, it’s all about VoIP.

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VoIP vs. SIP vs. PBX

We’re not here to pit these three telecom formats against one another. Instead, we believe that all three work together. SIP and PBX enable VoIP communication, so it’s not a matter of comparison—these aren’t alternatives, instead, one informs the other. Examining each component separately will help you better understand how VoIP relates to SIP and PBX.

How do SIP, VoIP, and PBX enable you to establish direct contact while communicating over a multitude of networks? Jump into our blog “Communication Is Key: SIP vs. VoIP vs. PBX” and find out. 


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VoIP Features Every Business Needs

The needs of one business don’t necessarily match those of another business. What’s more, your own processes probably changed drastically in the last few years—especially during the explosion of remote work. As such, cloud-based business phone systems like VoIP must be flexible and customizable, with features that can be added and subtracted without dismantling the entire system.

However, there are some VoIP features that can benefit a company no matter the sector, customer base, or number of employees. Get to know these features in our blog, “Phone System Features Every Business Needs.”


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The VoIP Features Every Contact Center Needs for Success

Contact centers that conduct business in the cloud eliminate communication silos, solve disorganized customer data, and generally improve cross-functional efficiency. Thanks to our partnership with Switchvox, CCi Voice customers have access to enterprise-grade VoIP  features and an all-inclusive pricing model. Switchvox gives Contact Centers the necessary tools to truly unify their communications systems, without a price tag that leaves you little-to-no wiggle room in the budget.

Contact Centers are more diverse and more spread out than ever before. As such, untethering your center with a cloud-based VoIP system expands the universe of features that truly drives success. Learn about how VoIP expands Contact Centers with our blog, “The VoIP Features Every Contact Center Needs for Success.”


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VoIP For The Healthcare Industry & The Digital Patient Experience

Like a state-of-the-art piece of equipment helps a professional make a more accurate diagnosis, a modern VoIP phone system in healthcare improves the experience of both patients and personnel. Improvements to communication systems simplify and streamline the day-to-day process, ensure that calls are efficiently answered and routed across multiple locations, and even make something as simple as waiting on hold more pleasant.

The healthcare industry operates in the world of customer service—sure, the stakes are high, but it’s still very much customer service. Providing patients with exceptional care is a priority, even under strenuous conditions, and VoIP can elevate patient experience in hospital settings, smaller clinics, as well as in the insurance arena. Find out more in our blog, “VoIP For The Healthcare Industry & The Digital Patient Experience.”


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Nonprofits: Finding Flexible & Cost Effective Phone Solutions With VoIP

Utilizing VoIP, CCi Voice has the resources to help nonprofits reduce total telecom spending, enhance operations, and put all their focus into their organization’s mission. We’ve put in time with many nonprofit organizations, just like yours. And in each partnership, we’ve empowered nonprofits to evaluate their current phone solutions and find room for improvement. Check out this case study featuring our work with United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.

Nonprofit organizations require a unique set of features that will give them everything they need, while not breaking the bank. Whether your focus is on charitable activities, education, community health, libraries, or museums, the most important task at hand is reaching the next strategic goal that’s so critical to your mission. Learn about the cost-effective solutions of VoIP with our blog, “Nonprofits: Finding Flexible & Cost Effective Phone Solutions With VoIP.”


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The Best VoIP Phone Systems For Schools

Much like nonprofit organizations, the world of education exists in a place where administrators must always carefully consider the costs associated with day-to-day operations. This certainly includes phone systems, and communications solutions in general. As with any organization, schools require reliable internet and phone service to facilitate communication with the outside world, parents and students, and within the school system itself. It’s a factor that’s pivotal to the success of schools and the educational system at large—it’s the same for expansive public school systems and independent schools alike. Give a read to this case study regarding the ways we improved communications for The Westover School, an independent boarding school for girls in Middlebury, CT.

A VoIP system includes classic telephony features, but also newly minted tech that serves to elevate communications for schools with features including advanced intercom, call logging, video conferencing/distance learning, Enhanced 911 (E911), and more. Delve into the full suite of features in our blog, “The Best VoIP Phone Systems For Schools.”



CCi Voice wants you to experience the clarity, reliability, and efficiency of a dynamic VoIP phone system. Keeping your calls in the cloud not only opens up a world of features, but does so in a way that is surprisingly cost effective for businesses, schools, nonprofits, the healthcare industry, and more. And with remote access in higher demand than ever before, VoIP can no longer be thought of as a luxury—it’s about as absolutely necessary as a communication tool can get. 


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