Nonprofits: Finding Flexible & Cost Effective Phone Solutions

By switching to a VoIP system, nonprofits can meet the demands of their mission in a cost-efficient manner.
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Whether your nonprofit organization’s focus is charitable activities, education, community health, libraries, or museums, the most important task at hand is reaching the next strategic goal that’s so critical to your mission. 

Unfortunately, the day-to-day operations that tend to bog down typical businesses are often the obstacle between you and your all-important mission. Among the crucial operational components you need are communications tools like phone systems—which, when properly utilized, can help you raise awareness, communicate with co-workers, engage volunteers, access donors, and connect with beneficiaries without breaking the bank. 

CCi Voice has the resources to help nonprofits reduce total telecom spending, enhance operations, and put all their focus into their organization’s mission. We’ve put in time with many nonprofit organizations, just like yours. And in each partnership, we’ve empowered nonprofits to evaluate their current phone solutions and find room for improvement. 

Check out this case study examining our work with United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut. Our cloud-based service benefited that crucial organization with unlimited phone calls, 24/7 technical support, and a comprehensive warranty for their phones. 

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What Should Nonprofits Focus on for Phone Systems and Services?

As a nonprofit business, there are some important things you should look for in your choice of phone service to facilitate the noble and vital work you do. Your phone system should be rich with features that boost your productivity. These features should include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Team Collaboration
  • Mobile Communication
  • Security and Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of Use

VoIP systems can assist nonprofits in efforts to deliver information to volunteers, donors, coworkers, and beneficiaries in different locations through the use of a smooth and efficient communication platform

Our cloud-based VoIP helps nonprofits send and receive messages with ease from any location, as long as there’s an internet connection. Voicemail, email, instant messaging, and video conferencing features enable you to deliver important information about your cause to volunteers and amplifies your messaging so you can discuss issues with stakeholders—even if they are in a different state or country. 

One of VoIP’s major advantages specifically for nonprofits is its ability to handle large volumes of incoming calls in an effective manner during special events. One of the services that enable VoIP in this regard, a virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX), can automatically direct current and potential donors to a specific extension during an organized fundraising event. A virtual PBX allows nonprofits to determine how many calls are coming in and to which person or queue/group they are directed to ensure that every call is properly addressed.

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Another VoIP feature, call routing, gives nonprofits the power to transfer or direct important messages to team members who are working out in the field. This can potentially help your nonprofit expand its reach to gain new donors or recruit more volunteers. VoIP also integrates mobile phones and desktops into the organization’s database to integrate crucial information at a moment’s notice during a call—whether that’s to raise public awareness or deliver data to donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and employees.

Most nonprofit organizations operate using toll-free numbers and hotlines, and a VoIP system is capable of handling the volume associated with these invaluable resources. Even if your cost-free numbers are meant to operate all day, everyday, VoIP can guarantee your nonprofit’s phone system keeps running. 

With the CCi Voice phone service, you can utilize all of the features available through VoIP. When we set you up with a communication system, there are no extra charges or confusing additional add-ons for licensing. Every single user gets voicemail to email, call log, call forward to a cell, limitless mobility, recording and so much more. 

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How Can VoIP Help Nonprofits Cut Costs?

Since nonprofits must operate within the confines of a limited budget, monthly expenses can seriously impede any efforts toward achieving your mission. We know that any communications platform you choose ideally should not add too much to your pile of bills. And here we come to another reason why we ultimately recommend a VoIP solution, as it’s built with cost-saving elements. 

When you work with CCi Voice, you get to enjoy our spirit of Compassionate Pricing for Nonprofits. We make it our mission to work with you to ensure that your nonprofit enjoys all the crucial VoIP features without budget obstacles hampering your ability to provide your services. We will give you below-market pricing, and then, often step in as a financial sponsor, to help you better achieve your annual fundraising goals. 

Our cloud-based VoIP helps nonprofits send and receive messages with ease from any location, as long as there’s an internet connection.

First and foremost, a CCi Voice VoIP system eliminates maintenance costs associated with typical phone systems. The user-friendly nature of our VoIP system drastically improves communication processes without the need for an in-house expert to configure or maintain the system. What’s more, VoIP doesn’t require new hardware or a systems upgrade to get up and running, reducing long-term costs even further.

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And since VoIP phone services are delivered through an internet connection instead of old-fashioned analog lines, the system offers low usage rates and free calls between office locations. The foundation of VoIP communication is built upon internet protocols so nonprofits can send or receive text, images, audio, and video—all part of standard services because the data is delivered via an IP network. This all-in-one nature of VoIP helps nonprofits reduce monthly phone bills because it’s all handled by your internet connection. 

As for donations, VoIP can help streamline that process as well. VoIP can be configured to allow a nonprofit organization to automatically accept donations over the phone with the use of an electronic merchant gateway. Furthermore, CCi Voice has frequently assisted its non-profits install phone-a-thon phones—extra, temporary phones added to a system during annual donation drives without incurring additional charges per phone, including the advanced features that call centers enjoy for faster and better call handling. 


With a CCi Voice VoIP system in place, nonprofit organizations can accomplish those all-important strategic goals through efficient communication and correspondence. This robust communication system empowers your organization to make a difference in the community, without having to go to battle with budget restraints and operational obstacles. Whether your goal is civic improvement, social welfare, or recreation, our mission-oriented VoIP volunteers its time with reliability and plenty of features. 

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