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teacher on a call with students using a laptop

VoIP for Schools: Top Features & Benefits

Discover how VoIP phone systems improve communication, collaboration, and safety in academic institutions.

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female school teacher using cellphone at her desk

When Should You Replace or Upgrade Your School Intercom System?

Reliable school intercom systems are a critical component for conveying announcements, coordinating emergency responses, facilitating operations, and more.

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Woman sitting at desk using computer and waving to webcam

5 Reasons Why Private & Independent Schools Should Choose Cloud Phone Systems

Flexibility, pricing, advanced features, and ease of communication, are just a few of the many advantages offered by this technology.

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Teacher on laptop communicating with student at home

How Cloud-Based Technology Connects Students And Teachers

Cloud-based technologies offer numerous benefits for schools, including cost savings, flexibility, improved collaboration, enhanced data security, remote learning capabilities, and more.

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school emergency alert notification on multiple devices

Why Reliable 911 is Important For School Phone Systems

Reliable, Enhanced 911 alerts in-house administrators to the details and exact location of emergency situations for timely response and dispatch.

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college student using laptop in classroom

The Best VoIP Phone Systems For Schools

VoIP phone systems provide critical and reliable communication standards for schools at a competitive price.

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woman smiling and talking on phone

Top 5 Items to Look for When Choosing a Business Phone System

When adding a business phone system, it’s both critical and necessary to examine pricing, features, scalability, security, and reliability.

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various sangoma phones on blue green gradient background

Do I Need A Phone System for my Business?

Whether hosted VoIP, cloud, or on-premises technology, a reliable, secure, and feature-rich business phone system is critical to clear and consistent communication.

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voip phone and landline phone side by side

VoIP vs. Landline Phones: What's the Difference?

Why all the talk about landline phones lately? VoIP phone systems offer better benefits, and are cost-effective and flexible for business needs.

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Group of happy call center smiling business operator customer support team

How Cloud Contact Centers Save Money By Working With CCi Voice

Choose a competitively priced cloud-based solution built on ease of use, consistent customer support, CRM integration, and more.

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telephone wires on barren land

No More Copper Lines: Everything You Need to Know

With plain old telephone service (POTS) set to be phased out later this year, organizations will require a plan of action regarding replacement telecommunications services and equipment.

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woman talking on phone and using computer

5 Features You Get With CCi Voice That the Competition Can't Match

On-site installation, instructor-led training, and unlimited programming changes are just a few standard features offered to all of our customers at one competitive price.

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