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Do I Need A Phone System for my Business?

Whether hosted VoIP, cloud, or on-premises technology, a reliable, secure, and feature-rich business phone system is critical to clear and consistent communication.

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voip phone and landline phone side by side

VoIP vs. Landline Phones: What's the Difference?

Why all the talk about landline phones lately? VoIP phone systems offer better benefits, and are cost-effective and flexible for business needs.

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How Cloud Contact Centers Save Money By Working With CCi Voice

Choose a competitively priced cloud-based solution built on ease of use, consistent customer support, CRM integration, and more.

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No More Copper Lines: Everything You Need to Know

With plain old telephone service (POTS) set to be phased out later this year, organizations will require a plan of action regarding replacement telecommunications services and equipment.

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5 Features You Get With CCi Voice That the Competition Can't Match

On-site installation, instructor-led training, and unlimited programming changes are just a few standard features offered to all of our customers at one competitive price.

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CCi Voice: We’ll Go the Extra Mile—and Even Climb 125 Feet Into the Air—for our Customers!

When Park City Communities experienced loss of wireless services following a major storm, CCi Voice came to the rescue—not to mention saving $11,500 in monthly costs—for this Bridgeport, CT-based housing authority.

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Why Do National Companies Charge So Much for VoIP Services?

Hidden fees and surcharges, no scalability options, and unnecessary features are just a few reasons why national companies charge high prices for VoIP services.

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5 Reasons You're Paying Too Much for VoIP Services

National providers often over charge for VoIP Services through a series of tactics designed to get as much money out of you as possible.

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CCi Voice Features Compassionate Pricing For Nonprofit Organizations

Our compassionate pricing model delivers the very best communications solutions to nonprofit organizations, without overwhelming their budget.

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man installing network cabling in office server room

Office Cabling: Everything That Can Go Wrong (And How To Avoid It)

Avoid getting tangled up in cabling and wiring issues in your office by working with CCi Voice, a cabling partner with knowledge and experience.

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upclose of finger dialing on a phone

What Does 10-Digit Dialing Mean To You?

Ten-digit dialing is now the standard set forth by the FCC, replacing the seven-digit dialing method that was once universally accepted.

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upclose of man working on network cabling

Choosing A Network Cabling Partner: What you Need To Know

Integrating cabling that meets modern standards is a business savvy approach, as long as your cabling partner is up to the task.

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