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Phone System Features Every Business Needs

Business phone systems rely on an ever-expanding set of features in order to ensure companies remain reachable.

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What Is A Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is a central point of any organization that makes interactions through voice, email, and the web accessible from virtually anywhere.

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The Cable Companies’ Bandwidth Problem

Cloud connectivity issues are often tied to how much—or how little—bandwidth your internet provider supplies.

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How Does VoIP Work?

CCi Voice delivers a guide to Voice over Internet Protocol and how it helps communications.

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CCi Voice Founder & CEO Appears On Crisis Averted Podcast

CCi Voice Founder & CEO Appears On Crisis Averted Podcast

Michael LeBlanc discusses technology and the work-from-home movement during the pandemic.

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black female doctor chatting with patient over video conference

Healthcare Communication In The Time of COVID

CCi Voice prescribes Cloud-Hosted VoIP to the healthcare industry’s communication systems.

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Sangoma Meet software on laptop and phone

Work From Home With Sangoma Meet

Sangoma Meet enables video conferencing to elevate the remote access experience.

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Top 6 Things To Look For When Negotiating With A Carrier

CCi Voice has advice for organizations that are researching telecommunications carriers.

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How Working From Home Really Works

CCi Voice looks at the positives and negatives of remote access during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine.

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5 Benefits of a Cloud Communication System

Cloud-based phone systems provide control, flexibility, and scalability to assist organizations expanding remote access and streamlining communications.

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LeBlanc Communications and CCI Voice Logos

LeBlanc Communications Announces Company Name Change to CCi Voice

LeBlanc Communications Group, Inc., a leading telecommunications provider, today announced it will now operate under the name of CCi Voice.

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woman using sangoma chat on her laptop to video conference with other people

Communication Is Key: SIP vs. VoIP vs. PBX

Communication is a major marker in any organization’s success, and in today’s world it often takes the form of SIP, VoIP, and PBX.

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