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The Internet loves buzzwords, and “cloud” certainly counts as one of the online community’s favorite fallback phrases. First referenced by a Google CEO in 2006, the cloud concept actually dates back to the birth of network-based computing in the 1960s.

But it was after that mention in 2006 when it really began to pick up steam. Now, every major Internet-based enterprise name drops the cloud in all of its branding and customer communications. While “cloud technology” is technically an intangible concept that requires a measure of abstract thought, it's not nearly as nebulous as that sounds. We work within the so-called cloud every day. You track down emails in the cloud. You stream movies in the cloud. You comment on YouTube videos in the cloud. You communicate with clients and customers in the cloud. 

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This is not taking place miles above your home or business. When a company says its data is “in the cloud,” that doesn't mean it’s floating through the atmosphere completely untethered from the terrestrial world. Instead, it's secured on planet Earth, stored in a physical place—or many different physical places—on a network of actual servers that retrieve and deliver info as needed. 

Cloud-based phone systems enable you to access software and services that run on the Internet, as opposed to locally on your computer or in a server stuffed into an office closet. For us here at CCi Voice, the cloud is the platform that we believe opens our clients up to the greatest benefits possible.

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The Cloud Vs. The Server: Where Should You Store Your Data?

Before jumping into the cloud, we believe it’s important for organizations of any size to decide if it’s the right fit for their needs. It all comes down to this question: Is it better to store your data in the cloud or on a premise-based server? There are many factors that figure into whether or not a hosted phone service, or the cloud, is right for your business, school, nonprofit, contact center, or municipality. While we’ll always believe that the affordability, scalability, and versatility of cloud-based systems makes it a no-brainer for work platforms, read our blog to weigh the pros and cons and judge for yourself.

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Are Cloud Phone Systems And VoIP The Same Thing?

If you work with business phone systems—or if you’re just a huge fan of the CCi Voice blog—then, along with “the cloud,” you’ve seen us toss around the phrase “Voice-over Internet Protocol.” More commonly called VoIP, it eliminates the need for an analog PBX system because it’s powered entirely by an Internet connection and the local computer network that is already in place.

But, doesn’t that sound similar to what a cloud-based phone system is? Well, yes and no. These buzzwords of Internet telephony are used to discuss cutting-edge communications in realms such as small business, healthcare, nonprofit, schools, and contact centers. In truth, despite the divergent language, there’s not much that separates the two terms from each other.

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Growing Your Small Business With A Cloud Phone System

A work life in the cloud is the new normal, with prevailing technology trends driving both big and small businesses to adopt services like Cloud Phone Systems. These trends—which, by now, are more mainstream than ever—include the proliferation of mobile devices, the rise of the remote workforce, the demand for more detailed data, and the need to jettison the albatross that is an expensive on-site communication infrastructure in favor of streamlined software solutions. 

Cloud-based phone systems empower small businesses to harness the power of the latest tech developments to raise their company to greater heights. A Cloud Phone System through CCi Voice addresses all the technological needs of a business, while leaving room for scalability at a price point that won’t drain the budget.

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How Cloud-Based Technology Connects Students And Teachers

Cloud-based phone systems are now front and center, powering remote learning for any school district, independent, or faith-based school. Cloud tools are essential and highly beneficial whether students and faculty are back in school full time, fully remote, or learning in a hybrid environment. 

CCi Voice delivers a plethora of tools for cloud-based communication, not only for businesses, but also for all types of learning institutions. This technology serves schools in a number of ways—but most importantly, it keeps students and teachers connected no matter what is going on in the world.

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Cloud-Based Phone Systems & The Hybrid Work Model

CCi Voice has championed the “work-from-home” effort long before anyone heard of COVID-19 in 2020. We were not one of these companies blindsided by the remote-access transition spurned by the “go home” order when the pandemic was at its height. 

However, we understand that this is new territory for many, many organizations. And even when the outlook brightened and people began returning to work, some team leaders decided that a mix of in-office and at-home staffing was the best way to move forward. The “hybrid work model” has since thrived in the new employment landscape of the modern world. But what is it and is it possible for everyone?

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Embracing cloud technology ensures your business, enterprise, school, nonprofit, contact center, or municipality is ready for whatever occurs in the world of communication. The cloud keeps you open to new technologies, more efficient ways of doing business, and most importantly, cost-effective solutions that can help you expand your reach to all new levels.


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