Growing Your Small Business With A Cloud Phone System

A cloud phone system elevates small businesses with all-inclusive pricing and the latest telephony tools and features.
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A work life in the cloud is the new normal, with prevailing technology trends driving both big and small businesses to adopt services like Cloud Phone Systems. These trends—which, by now, are more mainstream than ever—include the proliferation of mobile devices, the rise of the remote workforce, the demand for more detailed data, and the need to jettison the albatross that is an expensive on-site communication infrastructure in favor of streamlined software solutions. 

Cloud-based phone systems empower small businesses to harness the power of the latest tech developments to raise their company to greater heights. A Cloud Phone System through CCi Voice addresses all of a businesses technological needs, while leaving room for scalability at a price point that won’t drain the budget.

Switching your phone system to a cloud-based network with CCi Voice enables you to:

  • Capitalize on the newest telephony tools and features
  • Raise employee productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness
  • Eliminate on-site hardware that eats away at your budget
  • Expand your organization with a highly scalable solution
  • Integrate third-party software and offer mobility applications for remote staff

Last year showed all of us that the world can change overnight, setting the technological trends for years to come on a global scale. And from a more local standpoint, phone giant Mitel recently announced that one of its major products will soon be discontinued. As such, forward-thinking businesses should take the necessary steps to future-proof their company, while preparing for the existing traditional telephone network, like all other legacy systems, to reach its inevitable end-of-life deadline. 

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Cloud Phone Systems Are Simple and Cost Effective

On-premise phone systems—powered by servers stashed in a closet—feature budgets that can vary from month-to-month, depending on a few factors. If you own the system outright, you might get away with only paying for your phone services during some months. But the hardware that powers on-site systems requires regular maintenance and software upgrades. And as the system ages, performance inevitably degrades, meaning you’ll have to learn how to manage the occasional malfunction or breakdown. 

With a Cloud Phone System, you pay a monthly subscription that grants you access to an off-site system. Subscription fees are typically based on how many “seats”—or devices—you use. And the fees are usually all-inclusive, meaning there are no special additional fees for voice features or usage. This is what gives you the predictable month-to-month phone system and service budget. What’s more, any system maintenance or performance issues are handled by the provider, not by you.

One of the most drastic differences between budgeting for a cloud system vs. an on-site system is the cost of on-site hardware. The traditional technology involves purchasing the complete system, or private branch exchange (PBX), which is maintained in your office. Those systems are an expensive initial capital expense that, once installed, require upkeep and repairs that will cost you even more money. And if your business expands to another location, you’ll have to purchase additional systems and tools.

The cloud eliminates most hardware requirements. There’s still a PBX, but it’s maintained off-site by your cloud system provider, who also handles all system maintenance and software updates. For the most part, the only in-office hardware you need for cloud systems is cloud-compatible phones and a good POE (Power-Over Ethernet) switch and firewall (also known by some as a router). The lack of extensive hardware demands also makes it far easier to expand your system to accommodate new hires and offices.

Cloud phone systems also relieve tech support headaches because they are managed remotely, on a virtual basis, so all technical issues are handled over the phone. And with CCi Voice, your maintenance calls are included with your subscription fee, as is your telephone device warranty and all routine programming changes, and even ongoing training! Not only that, we want you to call us! Addressing your concerns on a personal level is what we do best. 

Cloud Phone Systems Offer The Latest Tools & Features

Since a cloud system is delivered through an Internet connection instead of a copper-wire phone line, its features are delivered on a virtual basis. That means the voice features you can access aren’t limited to the type of server and number of ports available through your in-office system. 

In a Cloud Phone System, you can have as many auto attendants, extensions, voicemail boxes, and conference bridges as you need. And because upgrades are handled by the vendor, you don’t have to swap out your system for a newer one to gain access to newly available features.

The leading features and tools preferred by businesses, and delivered on an unlimited basis via a cloud phone system, include:

  • Auto attendants (interactive audio menus)
  • Find Me/Follow Me (intelligent call forwarding)
  • Voicemail to email (forwarding voicemail messages to email)
  • Hold music and hold messages (customized playlists and greetings)
  • Conferencing (multi-party calls and conferences, web and video conferencing)


To elevate your company to new heights, you need cloud phone systems. This is the clear determination of more and more businesses as they abandon those old, outdated, closet-based systems in favor of cloud-based solutions. Current technology trends, coupled with changes in the workforce, make a move to the cloud downright mandatory for any small business that wants to remain viable in the modern economy.

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