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row of mitel phones on desk

Massive Mitel Product Line Reaches ‘End of Life’

CCi Voice has all of the answers you need to address the discontinuation of Mitel’s MiVoice Office 250 system.

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Cloud-Based Phone Systems & The Hybrid Work Model

Cloud-based services connect team members who are returning to the office, working from home, or doing both.

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teacher doing video conference on headset

It's Time to Replace Your School’s Legacy Phone System

Get to the head of the class with a phone system that’s more cost effective, more efficient, and secure enough for higher education.

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Smiling young businessman call center agent at workplace

The VoIP Features Every Contact Center Needs for Success

CCi Voice pinpoints the best cloud phone system features your contact center needs to create the best customer experience possible.

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Nonprofits: Finding Flexible & Cost Effective Phone Solutions

By switching to a VoIP system, nonprofits can meet the demands of their mission in a cost-efficient manner.

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The Most Important Questions About Cell Phone Repeaters

Cell phone repeaters, also known as signal boosters, bring extra reliability to cell phone coverage for homes and businesses.

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female doctor chatting with patient over web conference

VoIP For The Healthcare Industry & The Digital Patient Experience

CCi Voice details the ongoing evolution of the digital customer experience in the healthcare industry.

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Phone System Features Every Business Needs

Business phone systems rely on an ever-expanding set of features in order to ensure companies remain reachable.

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woman talking on virtual conference sitting on the couch

What Is A Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is a central point of any organization that makes interactions through voice, email, and the web accessible from virtually anywhere.

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Network Depiction in Office with Visual representations of network

The Cable Companies’ Bandwidth Problem

Cloud connectivity issues are often tied to how much—or how little—bandwidth your internet provider supplies.

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sangoma devices and technology floating on background of VOIP text

How Does VoIP Work?

CCi Voice delivers a guide to Voice over Internet Protocol and how it helps communications.

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CCi Voice Founder & CEO Appears On Crisis Averted Podcast

CCi Voice Founder & CEO Appears On Crisis Averted Podcast

Michael LeBlanc discusses technology and the work-from-home movement during the pandemic.

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