CCi Voice Features Compassionate Pricing For Nonprofit Organizations

Our compassionate pricing model delivers the very best communications solutions to nonprofit organizations, without overwhelming their budget.
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It’s the most generous time of the year!

Every holiday season, people from all walks of life tend to search for ways to “give back” to their community. And typically, the very best way to do that is to find a local nonprofit organization, and research what they need in order to accomplish their stated mission. 

Soup kitchens, toy drives, wildlife concerns, and so much more—these efforts are so incredibly necessary, which makes the generosity of the surrounding community all the more crucial. Nonprofits, no matter where they focus their efforts, often rely on altruistic individuals to open their hearts and their wallets.

But compassion and kindness are not merely holiday season buzzwords that enter into the lexicon in late fall and disappear at the beginning of the new year. Nonprofits exist all year round, and so does their need to fund day-to-day operations without sacrificing funds allocated to the main charitable objective. 

This is precisely why CCi Voice has established special relationships with the nonprofit organizations we serve. CCi Voice is fortunate to have the resources to help nonprofits reduce total telecom spending, enhance operations and focus more of their energy on their mission.  And in each partnership, with organizations just like yours, we've empowered nonprofits to evaluate their current phone solutions and find room for improvement.

How CCi Voice Works With Nonprofit Organizations

When you work with CCi Voice, we make it our mission to work with you to ensure that your nonprofit enjoys all the important VoIP features without budget obstacles hampering your ability to provide your services. If needed we will give you below-market pricing, what we call Compassionate Pricing for Nonprofits, and then, often step in as a financial sponsor, to help you better achieve your annual fundraising goals.

"Nothing makes us happier than giving back. Our nonprofit customers are some of the hardest working and most genuinely giving people,” says Michael LeBlanc, founder and CEO of CCi Voice. “My wife and I never feel we do enough for those in need, either with our time or money. By offering Compassionate Pricing, and then being financial sponsors for community events, it helps to make a small difference in the lives of those served by our many nonprofit customers.”

In the spirit of the season, we’re highlighting three of our nonprofit partners to talk about their impact on the community and how we dedicate ourselves to helping their cause. 

The transition to remote access and a work-from-home setup was difficult for everyone—but especially for nonprofits, who face budget limitations. Ann’s Place is a Danbury, CT-based organization that provides comfort, support and resources to people living with cancer and to their loved ones. When it was time for Shannon Cobb, president and CEO of Ann’s Place, to move the office into a virtual setting, she looked toward CCi Voice. 

“CCi has been instrumental in transitioning our office to the virtual setting. We now have staff providing counseling and support from a multitude of locations,” says Cobb, adding that Ann’s Place began working with CCi in 2019, about six months before the pandemic hit. “Our office has flourished with this new flexibility and our clients love that we can be reached on snow days, pandemic days and work-at-home days. I also love that I can pick up the phone any time and speak with CCi Voice’s staff, who can set up more complex phone routing needs with a few clicks on their computer!”

Bob Stone, Director of IT for Career Resources, Inc., echoed those sentiments in reflecting on his organization’s 15-year relationship with CCi Voice. Serving Connecticut, Career Resources, Inc. strives to improve communities by helping individuals secure a job, reenter the workforce, or gain the necessary training necessary to find gainful employment. 

“CCi Voice was incredibly helpful in assisting us as we moved our VoIP and fax systems into the cloud,” says Stone. “They also made it possible for us to deploy new surveillance platforms at all of our locations across Connecticut.”

And throughout the Constitution State, Bridgeport Rescue Mission has taken it upon itself to address the issues of homelessness, food insecurity, and substance abuse. CCi Voice is proud to partner with them, offering a measure of Compassionate Pricing to help the organization focus on growth instead of budgetary concerns. 

Troy Gonda, Senior Development Officer at Bridgeport Rescue Mission, says the organization is currently opening a 70,000-square feet facility, expanding their need for interoffice and inter-department communications. 

“There’s a huge demand for everyone to be working closely between our departments. We’re all in the grind of getting this facility open and making sure we’re in constant communication,” says Gonda. “CCi Voice has helped us provide a platform for our team to stay in close communication and at an affordable cost. We’re not taking money away from the services that we provide to the people in our community, for free of charge. You’re helping us stay focused during this opening and you enable us to continue collaboration between departments so that we can open this new care center.”

With Bridgeport’s new care center, Gonda believes the organization will double, if not triple, its output of meals from last year, when they were operating out of a quaint 400-square foot kitchen at their main campus building. The way they address homelessness will also expand in the next year, as the organization will begin providing temporary shelter for women with children who are coming out of domestic abuse situations. As for the free addiction recovery services, the new center will increase the amount of men and women that they can help, and in many cases, save from the throes of addiction.

“We are funded by our community. We don’t currently receive any state or federal funding, and that’s something we’re proud of. Our community supports us,” says Gonda. “We take the stewardship of the funds that come in very seriously, because we know it’s coming out of someone’s budget. So, it’s not just the quality of the technology and communications platform that CCi Voice provides that we value, it’s also the fact that we can designate the money we save toward changing more lives. And that’s where our heart, as an organization, is: maximizing our outreach and helping more people each day, each week, and each year.”

CCi Voice & Nonprofit Organizations

Beyond Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Career Resources, Inc., and Ann’s Place, CCi Voice works with many other nonprofit organizations, including Save the Sound, The WorkPlace, and United Community & Family Services.

We encourage you to visit the websites of each nonprofit organization mentioned in this article—and any other you wish—to find a way to get involved. Whether that’s volunteering or donations, there are so many ways you can help!


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