5 Features You Get With CCi Voice That the Competition Can't Match

On-site installation, instructor-led training, and unlimited programming changes are just a few standard features offered to all of our customers at one competitive price.
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When shopping around for a VoIP solution, you’re undoubtedly finalizing your decision based on a few specific needs and must-have features. This could be bottom-line pricing, personalized customer service and training, or getting the best “bang for your buck” for the most features at the lowest price. 

But what if you could partner with a VoIP provider that offers all of your wish list items and more? While many national providers promise to deliver the best features, customer service, and competitive pricing, how many actually say what they mean and mean what they say? After a bit of research, you’ll probably find that they are few and far between.

We offer competitive pricing and personalized customer service—when you work with us, you’re never just a number on a spreadsheet. We care about you and your organization and we want you to succeed. After all, your success is our success!

And because part of our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier and convenient, when most other providers offer costly add-ons, we provide these same features as a standard part of your plan, at one low price. We’ll also never force you to purchase costly add-ons, just because we can.

Let’s discuss a few of the unique features CCi Voice provides to its customers at one competitive price. 

1. On-Site Installation

While many VoIP providers leave you fending for yourself once a contract is signed, we’re the complete opposite. We are with you at every step, beginning with design, then during installation and beyond. Even if other providers say they provide similar installation services, it’s usually outsourced to a third-party who knows little to nothing about your organization’s needs. These third-party installers parachute in, perform the job, and disappear as quickly as they appeared. They do not take the necessary time to learn about your team’s specific needs, nor will it be those people who service your account later.

At CCi Voice, we have dedicated installers who already have an intimate knowledge of your system before they kick off the installation process. They can even provide spot training to your staff to meet any “in the moment” troubleshooting needs. Alternatively, if you choose to “DIY” your phone systems, we can provide technical support and assistance for any obstacles along the way.

2. Instructor-Led Training

Whether you choose to utilize our professional installers or DIY for your VoIP system, the last thing you need or want is not being able to actually use the system! We would never leave you high and dry and expect you to just “figure it out.” Everyone—regardless of contract level—receive personalized, unlimited free training for as long as they are a customer.

What's more, for the first 30 days, all of our training sessions can be conducted on-site at your organization at no cost, with subsequent on-site visits requiring a small travel charge. However, actual "on-site time" is free of any charges, regardless of how long we stay on site.

For those opting for a virtual route, we offer a comprehensive video library for users, managers, and third-party administrators. We can also host live video training sessions via screen-sharing, with our cameras providing a close-up view of remote personnel demonstrating how to properly use each phone, button type, and accompanying features. (Customers seemed to love this!) 

Conducted in person or virtually, all of our training sessions are designed for each organization's specific needs—we’ll never provide a “one-size-fits-all,” cookie-cutter lesson plan. Our custom-designed training guides are easy to use, with specific demonstrations and lessons curated for each unique customer.

3. Unlimited Programming Changes/Help Requests via U.S.-Based Technicians

We can’t deny that large, national companies have vast worldwide support networks to tackle an array of issues. While this may seem enticing, most of these support centers are internationally based in various time zones and countries. And let’s be honest, they choose to support their U.S-based customers with offshore agents for one reason: TO SAVE THEM MONEY! Their savings = your pain. 

Unlike our competitors, all of our certified and trained specialists are local to your organization. We don’t deploy chat bots or pre-recorded artificial intelligence help solutions. All help requests are fielded by our knowledgeable, local customer service technicians, who can walk you through any troubleshooting mission, system changes, or technical challenges. Does it cost us more to do business this way? Yes. Are you worth it? Of course!

We will also work closely with your IT staff or outside, third-party IT groups managing your VoIP solution, if that is what you prefer. We’re always flexible and will include this support at no extra charge to our customers.

4. Lifetime Phone Warranty

Another feature where we outbid our competition is our *(limited) lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace any CCi-provided telephone device that becomes damaged as a result of faulty hardware or equipment malfunction. The only exception to this includes our conference room phones with three-year warranty and one-year warranty cordless phones.

From what we could determine from our competitive analysis, one carrier provided up to a seven-year warranty, another offered just 90 days, while one offered nothing at all! 

5. One Price for Everything!

Our pricing scale is probably one of our best standout features. Instead of increasing your monthly invoice as usage scales up, we’ll instead decrease your bill—in some cases as low as $11.99 per month per user! Note that this is determined by fluctuations in scale and usage, but we’ll work at each turn to adjust costs with you, so we remain one of your smaller monthly expenses.

Even more exciting is that EVERY feature is included for EVERY user, with only a single, all-inclusive plan level. Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll never force you to pay extra for standard, everyday features like contact center agents, advanced management reporting or call recording.

If there are other features you don’t want or maybe some you'd rather provide on a limited basis, we’ll let you pick and choose what’s best for your organization, rather than a generic, locked-in solution. 

CCi Voice: We’re Unmatched Against the Competition

If you’re looking for a VoIP provider offering one inclusive price for all of the features you need and want, let us know how we can help. We care about our customers and get to know them on a personal level to ensure the best possible service.   

CCi Voice is completely transparent when it comes to pricing. View our pricing page to see how cost-effective we are, and all the features we include—at no extra charge—when compared to the competition!

CCi Voice Pricing & Competitive Analysis

*CCi is not responsible for replacing phones with obvious physical damage resulting from drops and breakage due to customer-inflicted  impact. This also includes electrical damage from weather-related events, such as lighting strikes. 

Written by CCi Voice

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