How Cloud Contact Centers Save Money By Working With CCi Voice

Choose a competitively priced cloud-based solution built on ease of use, consistent customer support, CRM integration, and more.
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When running an effective contact center, there are several communications characteristics you absolutely need to see in your system—including pristine call quality, ease of use, remote staffing and more.

What’s more, these features and functions must be financially viable. Many national providers charge contact center customers upwards of $100 per month (or more) per user, which can seriously stifle your budgetary ability to expand your business and services. 

It’s key to partner with a provider who understands a contact center’s distinct needs. This includes response times and queue statistics, call routing, and reasonably timed callbacks. With your bottom line of utmost importance, receiving the best value-add is top priority. After all, with expenses such as salaries, Internet fees, and other operational charges, you’ve likely grown tired of snowballing expenses.

Contact centers that work with CCi Voice deliver a comprehensive, cloud-based solution, without any of the upcharges or hidden fees associated with national providers. We save you time and money—let’s discuss how.

Getting the Best Value-Add

As previously mentioned, we’ll never tack on hidden fees or charges if you need to scale up or down. Whether you need to quickly account for additional call volume or run a fluctuating seasonal operation, we can help you adjust, without forcing you to upscale your monthly commitment.

We’ll never charge more than you’ve budgeted or signed up for, and unlike most national carriers, we offer all the main contact center features for one bundled fee. As we stated before—but will never get tired of saying—every feature (even the most advanced) is included for every user in our regular CCi Voice cloud-hosted platform.

As for those itemized bills indicating charges for every single support call you’ve ever placed to your provider? You will never see that from us. Instead, not only do we actually want you to call us for service issues and troubleshooting tips, we won’t use these service calls as opportunities to nickel and dime you. Calling us for help is part of our standard “all you can eat” service.

Standard Features Within One Inclusive Package

It’s also important to seek a provider willing to work with you on features and functionality as well as competitive pricing. This could be advanced reporting, offering callbacks to callers when the volume is high or real-time dashboards for managers to see the status of callers in their contact centers.

If your contact center agents use other daily communication tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Google, and other necessary software applications and hardware, shouldn’t you ensure your new UCC is easily integrated within your current systems? We will always include this—there are no special “licenses” to tie-in your CRM or other database solution. Ask us for details!

In the current work-from-home and hybrid landscape, we ensure consistency and reliability, regardless of where employees are located. A cloud-based solution gives contact center agents full access to professional, clear audio they’d experience just as if they were working at the office. This also includes additional services including video calls, texting, online chats, and other popular communication mediums.

Aside from maintaining customer-facing operations, managing employee performance data is also critical to an effective and productive contact center. An easy and clear dashboard revealing employee productivity fluctuations and deviations from KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can get staff back on-track, before small issues become larger problems.

With many contact centers worrying about hacking, “call bombing,” and other unsavory customer-facing negative outcomes, you’ll also want a highly encrypted solution—a necessity for contact centers utilizing proprietary customer information.

Perhaps your company services high-value clientele, those who expect a luxury experience, just like the upscale brand you’ve spent years cultivating. In that case, you may want to automatically measure the sentiment of callers, including their level of happiness or frustration in the call. Then there are scenarios when you’re training an agent that’s still learning the ropes and you need to intervene when the support experience has gone off the rails. You’ve got to salvage the challenging situation and turn it positive! 

These types of tools are available. Likewise, some of our customers use agent rating systems that allow the listening of calls and rating of agents on a number of specific factors. This tends to greatly improve agent behavior when they are given specific examples of actions they can take to improve the customer experience.

Once implemented within your contact center, we can help train and guide your employees on the new system. Available both in-person and online, we’ll even develop a comprehensive, customized plan that’s specific to your employee and company needs.

CCi Voice: Helping Contact Centers Save Time & Money

Let us know how we can help provide a seamless experience for both your contact center agents and customers. Our dedicated team of professionals are standing by to assist so you can do what you do best, which is focusing on your business! If you have any questions, we’re a click or phone call away to help. 

CCi Voice is completely transparent when it comes to pricing. View our pricing page to see how cost-effective we are, and all the features we include—at no extra charge—when compared to the competition!

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