Choosing A Network Cabling Partner: What you Need To Know

Integrating cabling that meets modern standards is a business savvy approach, as long as your cabling partner is up to the task.
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Who among us has time to think about network cabling? And what exactly is all those spaghetti-like cables running through our walls and hanging out in our IT closet? If you’re constantly thinking about the intricacies of your network and the various connections that make communications possible, then your cabling partner is not doing their job. 

Cabling is like the bass player in a band—hanging out in the background, away from the spotlight, but if they're missing, forget it! The show can not go on.

Cabling plays an active and crucial role in the success of any organization that connects multiple people or locations to one another, or to one central hub. Essential infrastructure, networks connected via cable form the backbone of communications systems—an unseen necessity that determines the speed, clarity, and reliability of connectivity. 

Choosing a network cabling partner is the type of decision you only want to make once. Whether for an entirely new system or an upgrade to a current network, the cabling partner you choose determines the future of your organization. At CCi Voice, we’ve gotten in on the ground floor with numerous Connecticut- and New York-based organizations, overseeing cabling projects from one-room offices, to multi-location school campuses. 

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CCi Voice Structured Cabling Services

Structured Cabling services through CCi Voice include ethernet copper and fiber optic cabling, voice and data cabling, and network cabling, patch panels and equipment rack installations. Our key to cabling projects of all sizes is to focus on your specific requirements, such as office space, products you need connected, immediate speed concerns, and your outlook in terms of your scalability and future technology needs. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your cabling partner questions! At CCi Voice, we want you to be equipped with enough knowledge to make an informed decision—this not only helps you get what you need, it helps our team customize your experience with us.

Let’s look at some questions you should ask your potential partner and how CCi Voice measures up!

  1. Does the cabling service provider engage in on-site and/remote support?
    At some point, your system will need support. And when that happens, you want a cabling partner that can answer the call, over the phone and in person (socially distanced, of course). CCi Voice prides itself on our ability and willingness to visit our customers when a service requires action. We provide a level of support that’s quite frankly unique for telecommunications companies of our size. Our clients include small businesses, large corporations, learning institutions, contact centers, municipality offices, and even large hospitals and other healthcare providers—we offer hands-on service and on-site support to all of them. 

  2. Does the cabling company have experience with similarly sized organizations?
    When you look at who we serve, you’ll notice a handful of industries: Business, Schools and Nonprofits, Enterprise, Contact Centers, and Healthcare. Each of these industries consists of a multitude of individual companies, organizations, and institutions of varying sizes. Whether you're a business with a single office or a school with a sprawling campus and multiple buildings, we're experienced.

  3. Can they integrate devices, phone systems, servers, etc., or are they simply a cable installer?
    The job isn’t over when the cable is installed. In fact, that’s when the real work begins for us. Integrating all of your devices and phone systems so that you can maintain communication between team members and with customers is where we really excel. Along with cabling, we provide switch and firewall installation and management, phone system installation, wireless infrastructure, and telecom expense management.

  4. Do they provide ongoing testing for network performance?
    Not only will we test your network viability at a moment’s notice, we’ll do it for free. Frequent performance tests are just one of the standard features of a partnership with CCi Voice. And you can reach us via our 24/7/365 emergency service, with extended hours of live call answering (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.). Anyone who does business with us will get ongoing, 24/7 monitoring of their Internet connection. So if there is a problem, we may already know the cause!

  5. Will they stand behind their work?
    There’s a reason we’ve been a leading provider of telephone and computer network equipment, software, and services for close to 50 years. We're not just phones (or cabling). For us, customer care kicks off with a staff that doesn’t just sell products, but also has the technical capacity for hands-on support, as well as a sense of pride in providing a reliable system. We include 5 year warranties on our cabling work (parts and labor). If there is a problem with our cabling products or workmanship of our teams installing it, we will fix it for free!


A strong network cabling system is the backbone of your ability to conduct your business, oversee your school, meet the goals of your nonprofit’s mission, provide assistance to healthcare customers, or answer the constituents of your municipality. Structured cabling services by CCi Voice lay the groundwork for clear communication.

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Written by CCi Voice

CCi Voice is a leading provider of telephone and computer network equipment, software, and services in Southern New England, New York and New Jersey. For over four decades, we have been the go-to company for thousands of customers who need to install, maintain, repair or upgrade their critical communications infrastructure.

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