Office Cabling: Everything That Can Go Wrong (And How To Avoid It)

Avoid getting tangled up in cabling and wiring issues in your office by working with CCi Voice, a cabling partner with knowledge and experience.
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What’s the one common connection between most professional environments, whether large or small, nonprofit or school, healthcare provider or contact center? It’s cabling!

All institutions, no matter the focus, communicate or transmit data via a structured cabling platform. Even the most modest offices are set up with phone, data (Internet), and some level of security monitoring system. Complex arrangements might have a more robust IP-based system that controls more than communication, with automation that governs heating, lighting, HVAC, and even security systems with access control and video surveillance. 

From the modest to the complex, it all comes down to cabling. Like the circulatory system of a living organism, cabling acts as a network of arteries. And when these arteries are broken or blocked completely, a visit to the ER is inevitable.

To avoid emergency action, you must ensure that your system is designed correctly from day one. While it might not be as glamorous as other network components, when installed correctly, cabling is likely to outlive all of the hardware it connects and all of the software it powers. That’s why it’s so crucial to make sure it’s installed correctly the first time. 

A poor network cabling setup can prove costly down the road. Here’s everything that can go wrong with your network cabling—and how CCi Voice makes a difference, including our five-year warranty on all cabling work (parts and labor) at no additional charge.

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Short Cabling Lifetime

This is probably the worst-case scenario, in terms of a poor cabling setup. Cabling for an office is cost effective, only when it’s done right the first time. If you have to do it more than once, it can prove to be extremely expensive and damaging to your budget. If your less-than stellar cabling contractor isn’t up-to-date on the latest tech trends in the cabling world, then you might end up with last year’s cables powering a weak network. Ultimately, outdated cables lead to a shorter overall cable lifetime.

CCi Voice Difference

CCi Voice technicians future-proof your network by using the most up-to-date technology. We use the best tech out there today, which ensures you don’t have to replace your cabling array anytime soon. CCi Voice knows your cables are the backbone of your office, school, contact center, nonprofit, etc. Our cabling arrangements integrate seamlessly with your day-to-day operations, in a way that pays for itself over the lifetime of your system.

WiFi Dead Zones

A poor cabling installation can wreak havoc on your wifi capabilities, leading to a rash of dead zones popping up at the worst possible times. Buildings constructed from brick or metal, for example, can block a wifi signal. Older buildings, or renovated historic buildings, are equally problematic in terms of wifi strength and connectivity. A cable contractor who doesn’t know what they’re doing is likely to install your wireless access points in the wrong places, creating dead zones throughout your office.

CCi Voice Difference

Having installed thousands of cabling network systems throughout Connecticut, New York and the northeast at large, where there is plenty of older construction, we know exactly how to avoid those dreaded dead zones.

No Labels on the Cable Runs

One of THE worst things we encounter on old jobs is cable runs connected to jacks and faceplates without any numerical or other label. Imagine you are the IT department, trying to troubleshoot a PC or telephone that won’t connect. What’s one of the first things you do? You trace the wire back to the computer room and unplug it or reconnect to a different port to see if that fixes the issue. If you cannot identify which port is which at the desk, it will be virtually impossible to do your job. 

CCi Voice Difference

All of CCi’s cabling work is properly labeled with matching numbers/codes on each side (desk and closet). This is an essential part of a properly designed and installed structured cabling network.

Electromagnetic Interference

When it comes to working with copper cables, it’s crucial to consider any possible electromagnetic interference (EMI) that could exist nearby. EMI can come from any electrical equipment—including air conditioners, power lines, motors, or fluorescent lights. The “noise” from these devices can interfere with the transmission of signals, resulting in a cabling network that’s anything but crisp, clear, and reliable.

CCi Voice Difference 

We know when to use different types of cabling systems. For example, if your organization is located in a building surrounded by heavy industrial equipment, we might suggest fiber optic as opposed to copper cabling. Fiber optic is far less susceptible to EMI—only a cabling installer with experience would know that! We also don’t ever run our computer cables along high voltage pipes or wires, and we stay away from fluorescent lighting fixtures. (We find these mistakes all the time when reviewing other companies’ work)

Poor Design Efficiency

A poor design makes working with your cables a major headache. By poor design, we mean cables that are not appropriately organized. Such messy cable arrangements are incredibly difficult for you and your team to properly manage. Organizations with cables strewn across the server room in a tangled heap are less efficient than companies that put thought and care into cable setups. So often we see data closets with 3, 7 and 10-foot cables connecting switches to patch panel ports. These wires hang down to the floor and back up again, making it impossible to find where a cable goes.

CCi Voice Difference

CCi Voice diligently labels and organizes your network cabling system so that it’s neat, easy to work with, and doesn’t induce panic attacks. Our efficient network designs involve properly bundled high-tech cables with a high port density. This attention to detail during installation lessens mistakes and keeps you calm, cool, and collected when observing your cable array. We always try to use very short (6” or 1 foot) cables where possible, and rearrange the switches within the rack, so short cables can work. After we are done, customers feel proud of their network closet, and can find where a cable goes in a few seconds.

Crushed Fiber Cables

When working with cables, especially very fragile (glass strand) fiber optic cable, poor placement can lead to damage and costly maintenance. If cables are installed incorrectly, without any thought given to how the room will be arranged with cabinets or furniture, your cables can be crushed and all the work will have to be done all over again—and you’ll likely be charged again, as well.

CCi Voice Difference

While copper cables cables are very durable, fiber optic is not, with certain, necessary steps that must be taken to avoid destruction. Key to this is putting all fiber into special fiber trays in the rack, and sometimes using “armored” fiber cables for better safety. CCi Voice carefully considers all factors in your organization’s office environment, specifically designing the system to avoid crushing or bending fiber cables (which shatters the tiny glass strands inside). The way we go about the installation process ensures you won’t lose your signal or any connectivity due to damage to your cabling system.

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CCi Voice knows it holds your network in our hands when it’s time to install your cabling network. That’s why we get it done right, the first time. We’ll design, implement, and maintain your network cabling system so that you don’t have to settle for anything less than complete reliability—and it all starts with laying a solid foundation of cabling.

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