5 Reasons Why Private & Independent Schools Should Choose Cloud Phone Systems

Flexibility, pricing, advanced features, and ease of communication, are just a few of the many advantages offered by this technology.
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Back in 2020, when the world transitioned to virtual communication amid COVID-19 lockdowns and closures, cloud phone systems (and videoconferencing) allowed people to stay connected, especially educators. 

To the best of their abilities, schools across the United States tried to create a sense of normalcy by utilizing modern communication technologies to continue lesson plans and communicate with students and parents.

Fast-forward three years later, and with most activities resuming without restrictions, there is still a need for these technologies, especially in schools. Unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, still remain in play. With increased operational costs, staff training, and other factors, a reliable, cost-effective and technologically advanced phone system should always be a priority.

As you look to position your school for success, upgrading your school’s communication system could prove helpful, considering the importance of effectively communicating to staff and the public. Let’s also not forget about mandated protocols such as Enhanced (E911) systems, which can help emergency personnel respond to an urgent crisis.

Whether switching a current phone system or adding new products to better facilitate internal and external communications, CCi Voice can help you make the decision that’s best for your school community. 

Learn more about the many features and benefits of a cloud-hosted phone system for private schools, and how CCi can provide competitive pricing without foregoing necessary features! 

What Is a Cloud-Based Phone System

Often used interchangeably with the term “VoIP,”. As opposed to cumbersome wires and server closets associated with traditional systems, cloud phones are powered by an off-site server. All information is stored and backed up at this location for safekeeping from security issues, natural disasters, and other unexpected scenarios. 

Succinctly incorporating VoIP and Unified Communications (UC), cloud systems can be utilized with most internet-connected devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Along with making phone calls, cloud phone systems usually include video conferencing, voicemail, call forwarding, and other streamlined services. 

While each private learning institution has its own set of needs and goals, the following five elements should be considered when choosing a cloud phone system:

1. Pricing

Let’s face it, no one wants to pay more for something they could obtain for a lower price. Unfortunately, sometimes when you spend less, you become part of that old cliché: “You get what you pay for.” However, with cloud phone systems, pricing is just one of many advantages and benefits. Unlike expensive hardware equipment and servers, cloud-based systems via a subscription-based fee that recurs monthly . 

Also, when you work with a phone provider such as CCi Voice, we’ll always have your best interests in mind—we’ll never tell you what you want to hear simply for our benefit. See for yourself by reviewing our competitive pricing analysis. We’ll also never force you to purchase feature add-ons you don’t need or want. Everything is included as a standard item—an added bonus when keeping tabs on operational costs. 

2. Mobility

If there’s an impending snowstorm, there’s no need to call a snow day—cloud-based systems can be easily set up for remote learning. This also applies to scheduled parent meetings, evaluations, and workshops. This flexibility ensures staff never miss an important call or message while away from their phones and laptops.

However, if a school does experience closures or delays, assurance that these, and other important messages, are clearly communicated for contingency plans. 

3. Advanced Calling Features

As previously mentioned, we’ll never coerce you to add calling features you’ll never use. We only want you to pay for what you actually need! Not only will this save both time and money, but we can assist with features available exclusively to CCi Voice customers. Such benefits include on-site installation and setup by technicians taking time to learn and understand the daily needs of a private school system—we’ll never delegate to a third-party company. 

We also provide in-person or online instructor-led system training for staff and teachers. Every CCi Voice package includes unlimited and a lifetime phone warranty. 

4. Crystal-Clear Communications

A cloud phone system can facilitate easier communication among classrooms and administrative offices. New technologies can be easily added when needs change. 

In addition, CCi Voice can either provide your network equipment, or work with your IT team to ensure your network is properly set up for voice traffic to achieve amazing voice quality.

5. Enhanced Security Measures

With everything school administrators must be concerned about, campus safety and data protection are among the most important. Things can change in the blink of an eye, especially if your institution falls victim to a cyber threat, breach, or attack. The last thing you want is compromised student and teacher safety. 

However, with cloud phone systems organically incorporating enhanced security functions, such as encryption and two-factor authentication, only authorized users will have role-based access. This also includes regular security patches and maintenance updates.

E911 systems also come into play should there be a physical threat, such as an active shooter, or other emergencies. Because this system is set up to go above and beyond a traditional 911 call, it alerts to the exact location for quick response and dispatch.

Choosing the Best Cloud Phone System for Your Private School

It shouldn’t take a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances to adjust your school communication plan. Whether you already have a cloud-phone system or want to upgrade outdated technologies, it’s paramount to keep abreast of communication requirements and regulations.

CCi Voice is ready to walk you through everything we offer for schools! Consult our pricing page on how cost-effective we are, and all our included features—at no extra charge—when compared to the competition!

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