Michael LeBlanc

Founder and CEO

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About Michael LeBlanc

Michael’s incredible passion for the telecom industry is unmatched. 

While attending Fairfield University in 1983, pursuing an accounting major with a minor in information systems, Michael took his first steps toward telecom with freelance computer consulting jobs. His drive and entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to work with clients moonlighting nights and weekends, all while maintaining myriad regular day jobs. Michael’s roles included auditor for Deloitte, an investment analyst for Merrill Lynch, the controller for a group of 11 television stations, and senior software consultant for a division of Oracle (formerly Hyperion Software). In 1993, Michael decided to set to start his own IT firm full-time and officially formed the LeBlanc Communications Group, which later became CCi Voice. 

It was during his second year that Michael discovered phone systems and added telecom to the company’s ever-expanding repertoire. The fusion of telecom and computer technologies was predestined to be the company’s future long before anyone had heard of VoIP (Voice Over IP).

Michael is a CPA and has been tech-certified by many manufacturers of advanced technical products. He oversees sales and the future direction of the firm, and is very busy finding new companies to acquire, toward the company's long-term goal to become "the #1 most loved and respected telecom provider in the Northeast!" 

He currently resides in Redding, Connecticut with his wife of more than 27 years, Lisa, and their four twenty-something-year-old kids. In his off-hours, he’s likely fixing something around the house or getting together with local friends. Michael also loves to travel with Lisa (often to go skiing), and to play golf whenever possible—let him know if you play!

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